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Servicesoft is a fully automated work management system, tailor made for heating contractors.

Servicesoft has been specifically designed to make the management of heating contracts more efficient and cost effective. Through task automation, improved connectivity and mobile working you will immediately benefit from reduced administration costs.

Systems integration is now an integral part of managing a contract. Servicesoft provides out-of-the-box Housing Management System integration, seamlessly feeding property information into your system and sending appointment events back to your client.
Servicesoft streamlines the organisation of your heating engineers, installers, electricians, plumbers and surveyors. Appointments are synchronised to their smartphone/tablet and results are received from site, in real-time.
Servicesoft makes you more efficient and productive so you make the best and most cost-effective use of your time. Planning and allocation of appointments, no access procedures, referrals and void processing are all made easy. Parts ordering, follow up works and certification sign off are all completed in a fraction of the time.
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Contract management made easy
  • Initial contract setup is performed in minutes
  • Simple appointment generation and letter production
  • Tenant reminder SMS to improve access rates
  • Mobilises your workforce
  • On-site parts and further works logging by engineer
  • Automated No Access procedures, re-appointment
    letters and referrals
  • Automatic contract compliancy statistics
  • Highlight and reduce excessive call-outs
  • Keeps landlord and contractor connected
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